My girlfriend, like so many of the really smart people I know, is something of an insomniac. It's understood between us that she is free to use my computer, watch my TV, eat out of my kitchen, read my books, and generally make herself at home during her sleepless small hours at my condominium. Often I find endearing bits of evidence of her vigils during the daylight hours--a DVD left in the player, a book out of place, an empty cracker box in the kitchen trash. Last week I woke up one morning and found that she'd left Google Earth open on my desktop. The search queue immediately caught my attention, as the top three entries were "Auschwitz," "Buchenwald," and "Dachau." I had to ask her about this later.
"Why," I put to her, "were you looking at satellite pictures of concentration camps in the middle of the night?"
"Oh," she replied, with complete nonchalance. "I wanted to see what they looked like from God's point of view."

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